Full Ableton Remix (Whispers)

This remix is 5 minutes 15 seconds until it really reach the end of the songs. I only keep the arpeggio and the vocal from the original remix. I break down the arpeggio into the A minor and D minor to make it easier to use. Ping pong delay, Saturator and Auto Filter is applied to this arpeggio and put it somewhere in the remix to keep the originality of the song. I do not really scramble the vocal wholly, instead I break down the vocal into some parts and add ping pong delay and auto filter in the break (automation), but still keeping the order. The bass line is bassier than the kick, controlled by EQ Eight on it.  Primary Snare drum is accompanied by reverb to make the sound wet than it should be, the secondary snare is not. Clap also inserted according to the concept of the remix. Toms are contained of four same sound, but different notes by transposing it. A shaker and hi hat are included for the chorus. This drum rack is made with compressor just to make it not too loud and overlap the vocal or with each other parts of the drum. For the rhythm, I am using a pad called 5hs3 Glass Motion Pad (Operator) that has a good soft sound for this remix. Automation also included in this pad with auto filter in the earlier remix and also for the ending part. Dwayne Short (Sampler) is the name of vocal sounds that used for atmosphere sounding in some parts of the remix with Simple Delay and Reverb on it. I used Epic Trance Lead (Operator) for the melodies in the remix. It is accompanied by Reverb, Ping Pong Delay, Auto Filter and Saturator.


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