Week 8 Career Pathway

D-day is here! We managed to get sponsorship from Slide Production. And we need to move some big chairs from Franklin St to the lecture hall. Me, Farouk, Iris and Sara started moving things up to building 12 from 9 am. At 11.30 sharp, we started to set up everything. I set up the lapel mics with the help of Farouk. I was also responsible for finding the guests in the street and bring them up to the lecture hall. Moreover, I was timekeeping the seminar to keep it on time. After all, it was a tiring day, yet fun. Lastly, we need to set off as quickly as possible before 2.30pm.


Week 7 Career Pathways

It is only one week left until the seminar! There are more detailed things coming up and must be done ASAP. I am willing to help them with ushering, set up the microphones and as a timekeeper at the seminar. We are pushing the marketing for the seminar and need to put out some posters. After the tutor class, me, Farouk, Michael and Nathan are responsible for putting up the posters across the campus. We managed to stick it in building 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 80, 94. Even though, some of them are taken down by cleaners.

Week 6 Career Pathways

In week 6, Shelley gave us an opportunity to try out the gears that are booked for us. Unfortunately, there are not many of us came to the class. I drew a rough outline for the placement of the seats and also the speaker. We had a meeting before the class and the draft really helped the group to understand the rough idea where to put things (cameras, speaker, chairs) on D-day. At this stage, we have got three guests which is a good thing and big thanks to Michael and Sara.

Week 5 Career Pathways

I got a news that the guy I proposed is currently at overseas and impossible for him to make it for the seminar. We were only still contacting people for the seminar at this stage. I also helped Farouk with the music playlist for the seminar, as we want to set the playlist to suit the audience’s mood well with the theme. Lastly, the steering committee asks us about the poster. Since there nobody who are capable of using photoshop, Nathan volunteered himself and made a really great poster for our seminar.

Week 4 Career Pathways

We did not get a chance to meet due to Labour day. So, Caitlin set up a google doc for us to fill in of what we will be doing on D-day. I am happy to do documentation and the booking of the equipment. Furthermore, we are brainstorming which guests are we going to invite to the seminar. I proposed a guy that I knew from a friend of mine. He is a freelancer that are a scorer for short movies, composing and also a pianist himself. I believe that this guy is a great candidate for the seminar.

Week 2 Career Pathways

This is the first week where we gathered as a seminar group, and ours is the freelancer group. First thing first, we made a Facebook group to communicate with each other easily.

Picture1.pngAfter that, we moved on and try to use the 3-hour class as efficient as possible. We tried to choose a proper title for our seminar name later. We set up a poll in our Facebook group.


Finally, the name was finalised by the help of you, Shelley and the steering committee. At last, we also set up a google doc to set up our job desk for the actual seminar.

Full Ableton Remix (Whispers)

This remix is 5 minutes 15 seconds until it really reach the end of the songs. I only keep the arpeggio and the vocal from the original remix. I break down the arpeggio into the A minor and D minor to make it easier to use. Ping pong delay, Saturator and Auto Filter is applied to this arpeggio and put it somewhere in the remix to keep the originality of the song. I do not really scramble the vocal wholly, instead I break down the vocal into some parts and add ping pong delay and auto filter in the break (automation), but still keeping the order. The bass line is bassier than the kick, controlled by EQ Eight on it.  Primary Snare drum is accompanied by reverb to make the sound wet than it should be, the secondary snare is not. Clap also inserted according to the concept of the remix. Toms are contained of four same sound, but different notes by transposing it. A shaker and hi hat are included for the chorus. This drum rack is made with compressor just to make it not too loud and overlap the vocal or with each other parts of the drum. For the rhythm, I am using a pad called 5hs3 Glass Motion Pad (Operator) that has a good soft sound for this remix. Automation also included in this pad with auto filter in the earlier remix and also for the ending part. Dwayne Short (Sampler) is the name of vocal sounds that used for atmosphere sounding in some parts of the remix with Simple Delay and Reverb on it. I used Epic Trance Lead (Operator) for the melodies in the remix. It is accompanied by Reverb, Ping Pong Delay, Auto Filter and Saturator.